Your market share will exponentially increase

Each company is working hard to increase their presence in the market by Empowering the sales team not to lose any lead or opportunity.

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Investment in Sales Technology pays for itself

For a company to invest in any software ,it’s a huge investment which must have a great return(ROI),the system has to organize and automate the entire working process . Triosuite Sales Technology manages the main Profit center in any company sales, marketing and services activities. By integrated CRM ,Consignment and Subscription Billing modules in Triosuite ERP in one easy, friendly and fully customizable system ,definitely the stunning results and business growth will pay you off. Triosuite logistics application ca be installed on your mobile and you can manage Merchandising and Sales easily with it.

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With the right technology, lead generation and qualification process can be achieved easily

The sales and marketing modules in any ERP systems are designed to control daily activities of the marketing team starts from telemarketing and managing leads then prospects finally follow up with a potential customers. The CRM module serves as an interface between the sales, after sales and marketing departments and customers. Triosuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is the core module in Triosuite Sales Technology provided to you through our TrioERP. It manage sales, marketing and services team activities. Achieve your sales target by using the pipeline management functionality available in the CRM software module and change the game by pulling the market using our marketing campaign. On the other side, Triosuite’s ERP software for CRM will give you 360-degree view of all customer transactions starting from the first contact into sales steps Prospecting, Lead enrichment, Reporting and Creating, sending and tracking proposals.

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Sales and Marketing technology is about building a coherent solution.

where they look to maintain their customers and communicate their information about their products and services in a different way, also targeting new markets or new customer segments is imperative. Triosuite’s (CRM) module in Triosuite Sales Technology provided to you through our TrioERP gives all that you need in marketing activities; it will help you to classify your customer’s data into different segmentations and design marketing campaigns as per your marketing plan. A campaign can be designed to send Emails, SMS, and cold calls. With business intelligence KPI’s, you’re marketing decision will be better.

When customer demand is uncertain, consignment helps the retailer to lessen the financial risk Retailer or Distributer that sell products in custody from suppliers; product is sold by a retailer, but ownership is retained by the supplier until the product has been sold. the retailer do not pay for the product until it has been sold, unsold products can be returned, Triosuite Sales Technology provides a system that Manage supplier Agreements, Control receiving products, Automate purchasing for sold products, Stock control vs Agreement and Control returning products. You can implement Triosuite Consignment module in integration with Purchasing, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, Cost Management, Sales and Financial modules in Trio365.

Triosuite Consignment module starts with Supplier Agreement then Product Receiving, after that it goes through Sales Processing or Product Return if the product isn’t sold .Finally the process will be closed by a Consignment statement.

Triosuite Consignment module Features:

  • Group data and get summarized reports for master data and transactions
  • Advanced search functionality by field, date, created user…etc
  • Pivot structure builder, Workflow and approval process.
  • User friendly and customized environment
  • Document attachments
  • Different access levels

Signing new subscribers is a win but reducing churn is the ultimate goal. When you have a huge number of customers that have Subscription and bills on regular base, then automation is the ultimate solution to control this troublesome process of sending invoices and handling collections. You have to identify who ,when and how much customer needs to be billed, the subscription details and reports needed for analytics and accounting.

Triosuite has developed Subscription and Billing modules which is integrated with many modules in TrioERP to finish off the Triosuite Sales Technology like Financial, Hr and Payroll, Asset, Supply chain and CRM modules. Triosuite flexible platform enables the development of unique features of its products.

some of Subscription and Billing module in TrioERP are :

  • Managing sales and renting operations
  • Appointments and Time management
  • Contract with Different Package types
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Full integrate with Finance modules
  • Checking and configure devices
  • After sales or Renting services
  • Different Subscriptions Types
  • Wage billing management
  • Multi Work Orders Types
  • Warranty management
  • Inventory control
  • Billing System
  • Discounts

Subscription and Billing Wheel Triosuite Technology can create new business opportunities while keeping your current satisfied returning customers and eventually improve your market share

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