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Properties are the most valuable asset in the organization. Therefore, companies should look after each activity performed on these properties.

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All unit counts, all are portfolios you must have a watchful eye on.

Property management is the overseeing of residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate, including apartments, detached houses, condominium units and shopping centers. It typically involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The property manager acts on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of the property while generating income. Whether you manage ten units or thousand, whether you have real estate, manufacturing, logistics, intellectual property, government, or hospitality accommodation business. You need a simple, unified platform that facilitates the management of properties, personal property, equipment, including maintenance, legalities and personnel ,flexible and fully integrated, Triosuite Property Technology has the ability to customize all your needs and grow your business without adding to your workforce, keeping the consistency with all local and international legislation like VAT.

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Enhance capability without complexity .

Real Estate Development business has a variety of challenges starting from pre-development stages and during the development process. fixed assets management covers all areas of business (buy-investment-marketing-rent).Another domain of Real Estate companies need to manage their yearly or monthly rental, services allocations like electricity or parking, merging or splitting of units, notification, reminders, collections and down payments, waiting list, a black list which maximize the tenant satisfaction. Real-estate Development solution should provide full-fledged functionalities to manage the stages of the pre-development and development starting from opportunity identification until project closure. Solution should help you to manage the full process while moving from stage to another stage, checklists, attachments, data capturing and approvals to evaluate the work and control execution plan.

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Triosuite Technology

is a complete solution that manages real estate companies’ requirements. The solution covers real estate development, rental management and facility management. Each part of the actual property management module will cover part of the challenges and under one roof, with the integration with finance, CRM, HR, Assets , trading, maintenance management and BI. Users and managers will get insight information that leads to better business results. The main screens that Triosuite property module contains are :

provides a complete solution using the robust functionality and ease of use functionalities like alert, Mobile SMS Alerts, workflow engine, BI, Hijri date, and Detailed real estate reports (daily income - leased apartments - blacklist clients reports - financial accounts balances reports).Thanks to the low code platform Triosuite has the ability to develop countless applications and modules that serves your needs ,can be integrated easily with other system through Triosuite API engine ,can be accessed anywhere from desktop, web or mobile any time .

Property maintenance is a key to success.

Property maintenance in Real Estate companies is a major part of business. Challenges like maintaining equipment and machines can affect the profitability. Keeping the assets usable and active with minimum cost and high ROI is the goal. Triosuite Technology will manage all your subcontractors, warranty, preventive maintenance, spare parts, scheduling and resources dispatching.

Your tasks are on fire, let Triosuite Property Technology take the lead.

Triosuite realizes that the most furious enemy for success is shortage of time and resources .Here it comes that using Triosuite Property Technology will save your time and money by insuring a full control over the whole process anywhere, anytime. Using our Triosuite Property Technology will pay you off.

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