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Handling manufacturing challenges is the success key for any organization

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Manufacturers need to be flexible ,competitive and gain success.

In manufacturing field , The Market demands change dramatically, if the manufacturers don’t respond quickly at all levels of the manufacturing process or operation this will lead to increasing costs and waste or sacrificing Quality. Manufacturer attitudes towards adapting new technologies can mean the difference between success and failure. Triosuite Manufacturing technology is the answer to all your requirements. Trio ERP integrates all aspects of your manufacturing business (resources, operations, monitoring, reporting, sales, accounting and finance) and empowers businesses to function smoothly by maintaining a single database.

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Factory Digitization is the success key.

Triosuite has developed the Manufacturing technology for different verticals, to help companies manage their quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. Triosuite manufacturing Technology is one of the best solutions in the market. It covers MTO and MTS functionality with multiple BOM’s and routings also master planning will show you the status of the production with all related elements that may affect the process of materials, manpower, machines, space in the warehouse, shipment.

Triosuite low code digital platform is used to build this technology enabling a fully integrated manufacturing module with HR, procurement, warehouse, supply chain, financial ,fixed assets, marketing and CRM modules in one ERP .Over more Triosuite manufacturing technology enables a smart automatically connection with machines in order to read data without manual inputs thanks to Triosuite API engine. Keeping in mind Triosuite Manufacturing Technology can be integrated with other systems easily but why to have more than one system if you can get everything you need and the ability for customization as well in Triosuite platform.

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Closer view of Triosuite Manufacturing Technology.

Regardless of the size of a company, manufacturing is a complex task involves numerous steps so that production process must be optimally planned to ensure flexibility, to eliminate unnecessary cost and to increase profitability. Effective manufacturing management focuses on each step of the manufacturing process from transforming raw materials or components into finished products. Triosuite Manufacturing Technology has super features to make this comes true:

Manufacturing Features

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling System The production planning helps you to schedule production orders in advance, and the system allows you to reschedule in the actual production time while ensuring optimum productivity throughout the organization
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) MRP functionality allows for more efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in all supply, demand and forecasting requirements of your business to help you plan production, purchasing, and available-to-promise. On the other hand allowing he same raw material to go through different formulas and produces different finished products.
  • Work order management Work Orders can be created for made-to-stock, made-to-order, and more. Handle single-level or multilevel work orders.
  • Resource utilization A calendar is available for each resource to ensure that they are utilized as much as possible.
  • Inventory Management Manage your inventory flow through all of your business operations with serial and Batch Processing
  • Costing process Relative standard and Actual costs to resources and easily calculate actual production costs by using dimensional cost system.
  • Quality Controlling Solutions Ensure that high-quality products are delivered without defects so meet your customer’s expectations

All-in-One, Fully Integrated, Cloud-Based and Fully Customizable Manufacturing Technology is what you need for a Business Growth.

Regular reviews of customer demand Forecasting is a bridge between sales and production which is one of Triosuite Manufacturing Technology characteristics. Through linking these data from CRM (Sales Management) modules in TrioERP to production planning and improve strategies will help your business grow. Inventory management, stock movements, batch, and serial number tracking are also a fundamental process to gain success in your business.

Triosuite keeps in mind your need for full solution to manage warehouses and the importance of Counting to minimize the cost loss of stock unavailability or overcrowding by the using of Trio Logistics mobile application counting can never be easier. Stock movement through stores also is controlled via the same application ;receive, issue and transfer stocks between stores can be handled easily .Loading of your products for delivery and closing the orders is also managed through the Cash Van cycle in Trio Logistics application .Managing purchases orders, vendors and forecasting your procurement needs are linked automatically by TrioERP platform .Enjoy clear visibility of your business performance through the financial module; follow your cash flow, balance sheet, and profit/loss in real-time help in estimating your profit.

All-in-One, Fully Integrated, Cloud-Based and Fully Customizable Manufacturing Technology is what you need for a Business Growth

Enhancing manufacturing productivity, minimizing production costs needs to benchmark the performance of employees, machines, equipment .Triosuite Manufacturing Technology offers the ultimate solution through desktops, web or mobile you can access the system anywhere, anytime. Identifying any loss, classify and quantify it in order to improve the process. Reading OEE and TEEP key performance indicators, analytical reports and dashboards in order to take precise decisions and improve your manufacturing processes and maintain being competitive in the market.

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