Easy Service Management with a calendar view.

Triosuite Maintenance Technology improves your services efficient with maximum utilization and ensures that nothing is ignored or skipped.

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Why companies need Triosuite technology?

The Maintenance and Service Management module in an ERP allows companies to control day-to-day outside service operations ensuring customer quality services along with internal equipment monitoring that needs maintenance. TriosuiteTechnology supports the Service process where the company can manage its service process and operation for internal stock equipment or for customer equipment, through a fully integrated system with the finance and inventory modules in our ERP .This Improves efficiencies and guarantee loyal, satisfied customers

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Prompt services maximize utilization.

You have to provide immediate and effective support to customers who use your products (hardware maintenance, support call, consultation, etc.). Whether the product is under warranty, billable, or under a service contract. Triosuite Technology thanks to its low code platform develops a fully integrated technology that sets with your goal. Service module is linked to Finance, Project ,Assets, Supply chain, HR Payroll and CRM modules in Triosuite ERP which makes your management easier ,more efficient through one interface and can be accessed via the web or using your mobile.

Increase accuracy of estimates and quoting, Reliable planning and optimized online scheduling and resource allocation, reduce emergency repair are some of many benefits you will get if you implement our Service Technology. Service Contract Invoicing, Service Order Invoicing, Job Costing, and Warranty agreement reflection on the service cost and other financial issues are some of the integration between service module and financial module in Triosuite ERP.

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Triosuite Technology makes decision precise.

Computerized Maintenance management system(CMMS), also known as computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS), is a system that collects information about maintenance operations in an organization which helps maintenance workers do their jobs more effectively (for example, Creating service orders automatically or manual by the users on a Periodic, preventive emergent maintenance base) . Spare parts management in the inventory module is linked via Triosuite platform to the service and maintenance module which helps in acquiring the spare parts and other materials needed to enhance maintenance process in the perfect time.

On the other hand it helps management make precise decisions and better allocation of resources (for example, analyzing the maintenance cost for a product give an idea of the efficacy of this product ,to renew it ,or if the provider of this product has too many malfunction product so the company has to stop dealing with him) .

Maintenance needs personnel.

Manpower Planning and Management is one of the core blocks of any service Technology. Streamline HR management via Automated attendance and time-sheets’ with simplified tracking tools like our TrioTracer application and assigning job orders for each personnel .Then following the performance of their service and calculate the job cost for each service are how Triosuite manages the manpower utilization in the services process.

Whenever you have equipment then you must have Maintenance system.

Triosuite Technology is not limited to factories or manufacturing business but expands to where any type of equipment/assets are subjected to repair or need maintenance; hospitals, sports arenas, schools, restaurants, etc.

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