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Sharpness, Agility and precise daily monitoring and control logistics process will ensure highly productive organization with the minimum cost .

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Your product has to be with customer’s hand .

Regardless of which vertical a business is into, it relies on warehousing and logistic for the timely delivery and effective distribution of its products and services One of the most important factors in maintaining successful warehouse related operations in your company is keeping the logistic straight. Triosuite logistics technology in logistic sector encompasses all the varied, complex factors – organization, movements, and management – involved in warehousing. This includes the flow (shipping and receiving) of physical inventory, as well as that of abstract goods, including information and time.

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Scalable, fully customized one stop system

Triosuite logistics technology in logistic sector thanks to the Triosuite low code platform is a cloud based one stop ERP which involves all the policies, procedures, and organizational tools necessary to keep your logistic operations running smoothly. Triosuite logistic technology combines various applications that facilitate the flow of information across all functional areas within an organization, rather than relying on multiple software applications managing your logisitic operations. Triosuite ERP manages all the backend process and integrates all the needed modules to package the logistics technology in logistic field like CRM, HR, Financial, Manufacturing Project and contract management, Fixed assets management with Distribution (Trading) and warehouse management, Sales and Purchasing management. Triosuite logistics technology is also compatible with other system and devices like POS, E-commerce platforms through TRIO API engine. Triosuite logistics technology is found as desktop, web and mobile application.

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Logistic Management Challenges

  • Excess and obsolete stock “Inaccurate Stock Count”
  • Wastage and leakage
  • Lack of traceability
  • Bulk data confusion
  • The high expenses of stand-alone applications to facilitate the logistic
  • Mixed communication.
  • Lack of real-time data and Multiple Systems For Tracking Businesses that rely on multiple systems or manual procedures to manage operations have limited access to real-time data and fail to maintain demand and supply balance.
  • Decreased productivity and efficiency through duplicate data entries

Triosuite has developed the Triosuite logistics technology to help companies control and overcome the challenges they face when handling customer and supplier orders, receiving and issuing of goods and materials within a warehouse, managing the dispatching, delivery, and distribution to reach customers on time.

Benefits of Triosuite logistics technology in logistic sector

  • Easily identify and reduce excess stock levels
  • Locate obsolete inventory to remove from your warehouses
  • Automatically calculate dynamic demand forecasts and optimized order levels
  • Analyze historical demand for every SKU across your network of warehouses
  • Reduce carrying costs of unnecessary inventory by upwards of 30%
  • Data Analysis and forecasting capabilities (a functionality that is especially useful for companies that work in seasonal or cyclical businesses).
  • Real-time centralized data analytics that provide companies with valuable business intelligence
  • Manage movement orders to replenish materials consumed
  • Multiple well-designed work flows.
  • Powerful analytical KPIs and reports

Trio Logistics is a powerful application on your mobile.

Companies who have a warehouse need to automate logistic and warehouse movements to track inventory, including enhancements in performing a unified and efficient method for the proper flow of stocks.

Trio logistics application in logistic field covers the picking, receiving, counting, stock locator, serial (lot) number tracking, kitting and more functionality that help users to increase efficiency, and reduce operation cost using only their mobile by controlling the flowing logistic opreations :

⦁ Order Management

Customer orders need to be treated as a critical process, where you need to make sure goods are picked and shipped to clients correctly, on time and to the right address. Triosuite Orders Management is a function in Triosuite Logistics technology that manages and organizes logistic opreations like as the Receiving (Purchase and Material ) .On the other hand Issued (Material transfer and Sales delivery)

⦁ Distribution Management

A wholesale distribution company will be concerned with software functionality that focuses on maintaining optimal inventory levels, facilitating quick movement of goods, providing strong front office functionality for customer service personnel, and delivery, and flexible reporting for management. Cash van (transportation management system (TMS) focuses on Loading, intelligent delivery using maps and closing with the customer.

⦁ Counting

“Inaccurate Stock Count” Excess and obsolete stock ,Wastage and leakage in material is a major problem facing warehouse management .Barcode scanning for the material :stock, purchase just by barcode reader in your mobile decrease the time and loss. Supply Chain management has never been easier with Triosuite Logistics  management is the part of supply chain management in logistic and supply chain engineering that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and point of consumption to meet customer's requirements. As well as controlling manufacturing units and destination distribution with a supply network that allows for uninterrupted flows Triosuite logistic technology will help improve sales performance and organizational efficiencies while reducing costs and improving order and line item fill rates. It will help distribution companies succeed in otherwise challenging business environments

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