A robust Learning technology will do a roaring success

You need a education system that is fully integrated and can be accessed across all departments (academic and nonacademic).

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Learning process has changed dramatically

World changes dramatically and what is good for the past doesn’t work these days ,learning needs change as well .ELearning becomes a backbone for today’s learning processes ,you can study at any university worldwide thanks to the video conferences platforms which makes live classrooms possible .Learning Management Systems(LMS) are a requisite for the eLearning process, too. Triosuite has developed its fully integrated Triosuite Education Technology that unions the LMS with other modules in Triosuite ERP like Supply chain ,HR and Payroll , Finance and others to give any educational institutions the power to manage all the process.

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Features of Triosuite Education Technology

Triosuite supports the educational process in universities, school and training institution, it helps in improving the organization of teachers, students, lectures, etc. Triosuite’s online web/cloud based Educational Management System enhances the learning process. Triosuite Learning Management System manages the whole process starts from students’ applications and admissions till graduation. At first Triosuite LMS configures the academic organization structure, academic calendar and buildings structure (define halls and classrooms). Defining academic courses (subjects), the study instructions and the grading system and study plans. The management of enrollment Applications, student information, admission, registration, add-drop and withdrawal. Exams Scheduling with conflicts forecasting and attendance and absence Monitoring are some of the many other essential functions of Triosuite LMS. Triosuite Education technology doesn’t only link the instructor’s portal with students’ portal but thanks to Triosuite low code platform all the financial transactions can be controlled via the same system interface .Registration fees, clearance and custody of the student. Scholarships and Sponsorships and all kinds of discounts.

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Effortlessly interlink all your academic institution

To run an academic institution efficiently, the system has to equip institutions with the ability to be accessed over the web for all departments (Academic And Non-Academic) , has to be coherent system which will integrate everyday transactional and learning activities. Triosuite Education Technology has multiple modules which is either hosted easily to the university, school or training institution data center or on cloud servers. Modules can be customized according to the needs of the institution and has role-based login access for data security. The stakeholders of the institution can analyze dashboard and monitor accurate reports of all institutional activities which ensures smooth decision-making.
Financial module will automate all the students’ fees and transactions as well as employee’s payroll and links all the financial transactions with other modules like supply chain (procurement and materials) .This module will manage the core accounting transactions and deliver hundreds of reports, online receipt and payment vouchers. HR module will ensure your full control of the instructor’s contracts, vacations and time management to keep the academic calendar goes as scheduled.

Using Triosuite Education Technology will overcome your present and future needs

Improving academic delivery and results, increasing working efficiency and getting effortless, less mistakes, less human interaction results are some of your payback when using our technology.

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