Human Resources and Talent Technology

Increasing team productivity starts with measuring the daily performance of company resources. Using a comprehensive fully integrated Talent and HR technology, your investments get saved.

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Human Resources and Talent

Entails everything from HR management, payroll and compensation plan, recruitment, and Performance management. All are integrated into a single Technology which makes general management and Decision-making easier.

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The wealth of HR and Talent Technology is rewarding.

With increasing changes in the workforce and business process complexity, there is a huge demand for digital transformation in the HR management process. Modifying or reengineering the current HR process to be fully automized, has a scalable functionality, fully integrated modules in the all-inclusive database, and has a Cloud-based dynamic platform will avoid the possibilities of data redundancy and speed up internal processes to save a great deal of time and effort.

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Talent and HR technology are about building a coherent solution.

Triosuite with its various on-premise, cloud, and mobile-responsive Talent and Human Resources technology solution has succeeded to make Human Resources management easier. Self-services like vacation requests, loan requests, service requests, overtime requests, PTO, and pay-to-slip reports, reduce the time and effort needed by the HR personnel and make access to the information easier and from anywhere, anytime.

Using rule-driven configurable workflows that are compliant with legal and company practices -specified to each country- with customized approvals and permission and applying various actions “approve, reject, delegate, notify and much more, improve connectivity, increase productivity and make the activities and tasks to be juggled easily.

The ability of the system to generate KPI reports which are helping in the analysis and enhances decisions by Human Resources and managers. Time and attendance management represents a main dilemma for the HR people, recording each employee’s clock in and clock out. Keep outdoor employees’ “salesmen” tracking. Storing these daily data and linking it to the payroll and deduction as well as processing it to evaluate the efficiency of working hours, all are fulfilled by Trio Tracer a mobile application built and integrated into the Talent and HR technology developed by Triosuite. Simply all of your employees “in and out the door” can check in and out using their own mobile devices with the ability of the live tracking “GPS” tracking and many other features.

Using a comprehensive fully integrated Talent and HR technology, your investments get saved. Here, you need to pay only for a single license to cover your entire business requirement and invest further in the strategic development of your employee.

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