The future of digital transformation with a low-code technology platform

With digital transformation, development costs and time are saved in a time of rapid business growth


To customize or not to customize, It’s not black and white.

Customers today are smarter, and much more aware to get full-fledged solutions that manage the daily process, audit performance, and get intelligent information that quickly and accurately helps decision-makers. Organizations always fear customization because of the ERP implantation failure stories that we hear all the time in the market. It’s very costly and time-consuming leading to a frustrated, disappointed team and managers. Triosuite Customized Technology – thanks to its low code digital transformation platform – has a unique comprehensive tool to allow each customer full-free customization at any time and by his team without the referral to our team.

Screengrab and cloud storage technology in digital transformation

Features of TrioBase

Triosuite designed a low-code platform that contains comprehensive tools to help developers to design and develop business applications easily and quickly. With The Triosuite platform, you can:

  • Build and deploy business apps faster.
  • More than ↓70% reduction in development cost time.
  • Designed for Business users with minimum need for developers.
Business intelligence design, report templates, alerts, and business plan engine

With development authorizations

the developer could Add/Edit/Delete fields such as Text-box, Number, Date-Time, Image, etc. The platform provides integrated engines such as:

  • Form designer
  • Report designer
  • Workflow engine
  • Business intelligent
  • Document management
  • API engine
  • Notification
  • Collaboration

By utilizing an intelligent flexible platform, Triosuite developed more than 35 business modules covering various business industries.

Technology Used In This Product

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