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What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning software that is hosted on a cloud-computing platform, rather than on-premises within a company’s own data center. Cloud ERP services increase accessibility via the internet and enable users to share and transfer data across business departments, as well as externally in real-time Because it is cloud-hosted. In conclusion, companies are notified of any updates to the software instantly.

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Why Choose a Cloud ERP System?

  • Cloud ERP software removes the need for additional hardware and maintenance on-site, which decreases operating costs. As business needs change, companies can modify how much they use cloud services and scale resources.
  • Cloud ERP software is a practical choice no matter the size of your business and is a perfect solution for startup organizations and new business divisions within an existing company.
  • Instead of having your company’s front and back office applications in separate systems, using one cloud platform allows your apps to talk to each other, share a central database, get real-time reporting and use a single user interface.
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Benefits of Trio365 Cloud ERP System

  • Focus on core competencies by managing your business more efficiently.
  • Cost saving with high ROI.
  • No hardware is required, no need for the extra costs of maintenance or IT.
  • Includes more than 35+ modules.
  • Flexible to define roles, procedures, and workflows.
  • Customizable by adding new screens, reports, and dashboards.
  • Periodic updates and business process enhancement with instant notifications.
  • Accessible 24/7 from any device.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly automated backup.
  • Secured with full login tracking and monitoring.
  • Increased collaboration and communication among departments and team members.
  • The system is ready to launch within one day.

How does the security of Cloud based ERP systems compare to on-premises ERP solutions?

On-premises ERP solutions consolidate information into a centralized and encrypted server network. Cloud ERP solutions use this same setup, only the servers are located in our secure facilities hosted by Triosuite, and we take on the effort to secure the networks. Triosuite constantly makes infrastructure investments for security and controls in the platform on which Trio365 is built. In addition to this, at Triosuite we comply with industry-standard audits.

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