The professional mentality in the management of sports facilities

The GYM project is not limited to providing equipment, coaches, and a site, but goes beyond it in a deeper way how to manage this facility in the best manner and most appropriate way

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Take control of your GYM

By fully controlling through the following :

  • Gym Subscription: Freeze Pakages - Electronic Gates - Subscriptions - Revenue
  • Gym Invoices: Fully integrated with Finance and HR
  • Training and registration: a trainer with a trainee - a trainer with a group of trainees
  • Gym Payments
  • Reservation: hall - playground - swimming pool - and other facilities
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Key Features of the Triosuite GYM Management Module

  • User-friendly and customized environment
  • All data exported into Excel, Word, PDF, and Text
  • Data Grouping and summarized reports for master data and transactions
  • Pivot structure builder
  • The system maintains a highly detailed access and authorization scheme defining access control and action
  • Workflow and approval process
  • Advanced search functionality by field, date, created user…etc
  • Document attachments.

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Main Functions of the Triosuite GYM Management Module

  • Manage memberships/subscriptions.
  • Payment Scheduling.
  • Training and class registrations.
  • Booking Management.
  • Classes Scheduling and Rescheduling.
  • Freezing and Unfreezing the subscriptions.
  • Upgrading the subscriptions.
  • Transferring the subscriptions Between Members.
  • Renewing the Memberships.
  • Full integration with Finance modules.
  • Detailed reports and inquiries, standard, analytical combined with Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI provide the insights required to check trends and results

All processes have been digitized and automated and linked either with Trio365 or any other ERP system in addition to linking it with the content management system for websites.

Where integrated solutions were provided with financial management, accounting, HR, and even website content management by announcing trainers and holding new training courses

Technology Used In This Product

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