10 Years when Triosuite technology was born

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Our journey continues non-stop

How was the beginning?

  • The company was founded in 2012, the company's board of directors constantly strives to enhance company's growth By devlope future plans and visions that are in line with the challenges of this era to achieve the presence through our products and technologies, to provide optimal and appropriate solutions in keeping pace with information technology and digital transformation

What have we achieved so far?

  • 100k customers with a unique experience in meeting all the requirements and needs of their business
  • More than 35 technologies are under the cloud ERP system, which is the product of our work from the previous stage. These technologies cover all aspects of work from financial management , human resources management, retail, manufacturing, management of educational facilities,health facilities management, where these products were the main entrance to the world of digital transformation
  • We have launched more than seven applications covering all business fields in the field of employee time registration, e-commerce, content management, assets inventory, supply chains, point of sale and all are compatible with Android and Ios systems.
  • Focus on marketing to enhance customers base

We congratulate our customers and thank them for their confidence in choosing Triosuite Technologies as their choice in the field of digital transformation. We also congratulate our team on this achievement, and we affirm to continue with the same approach