Triosuite Security Methodology

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data security and Triosuite Security Methodology

When it comes to user’s data, we don’t compromise. Security is the most precious element that Triosuite team pays attention to while innovate new permission gates.

These are the main security gates that user should be aware of when he is using Triosuite systems:

  • Basic Login by Username and Password
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Second authentication by SMS and Email
  • Restricted access for users by Dates, Time, Country, Range of IP address and Mobile SN
  • SSL authentications and data transfer protection
  • Login logs by machine, IP address, countries….etc.
  • Restricted Access to the screens or reports by User groups
  • Enable/Disable Insert, Edit or delete privilege per user
  • Field security per user
  • Record level security by user or Job role
  • Monitoring data view and data changes per user and manage SMS & Mail notification for sensitive data

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