Company size from IT perspective

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The Goal Of This Article

is to be able to identify your company size, so you can estimate the budget you need for a best practice ERP solution. International ERPs have mostly three categories, small, medium and enterprise company level. These categories are based on many factors such as the number of users, the number of sites or branches, and profitability. But what about your operation’s complexity! Please keep this in your mind. sizing any Company depends primarily on the business processes before the other factors. Let’s say that you are a big company with 5,000 employees located in 10 countries, and you provide online support to customers. How big you are and what is the system that you have to buy? First let’s determine your company size. You have huge number of employees, you have many branches so according to nowadays company size classification you are an enterprise company. But wait, your main work process is rather simple “online support”, so you can be considered as a small company and you might think in online ticketing system with a simple user friendly interface.

It’s All About Functions And Features You Want To Utilize Within The ERP System.

So five users might consume hundreds of complex processes like detailed and complicated supply chain process. In simple language, it’s you who should identify the size of your company and what exactly you want from the ERP solution.

Thanks and catch you later.

Mustafa Abushuhada

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