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Most of the ERP providers will tell you

that we know the best practice automation techniques for your company. So, you will change the way of doing your daily work in order to adapt with the new system claiming that their solution was successfully implemented for many industries like your. But wait! You are the one who can determine the best practice for your company and you just need a help on how to automate your business process in a best way.

There are two main rules where you can tell, if this is a best practice or not:

  • Automate all process without human interaction, or at least with the minimum human engagement.
  • Speeding up the process by eliminating the non-useful functions. Always ask yourself do I really need this step?

Let’s take sales quotation as an example, do I really need to print the SQ, sign it then send the paper to the customer? Even, it’s an old way but some people still doing this. For sure you need to consider other criteria’s like performance, security, auditing, etc. But keep in mind that all of these are functions and you can always apply the same rules. Minimum human interaction and eliminating the unnecessary job. Let’s meet Mr. John the sales manager in Western Province, and Mr. Jamal the sales manager in the Eastern Province who wants to take a long vacation. The sales director decides to authorize Jamal’s duties to John so the business will not be disturbed.

How the ERP system will handle this?

  • John will use Jamal’s credentials to access the system and to do the job on behalf of Jamal. This is what we can call a “practice”.
  • Or, the IT team will change the reporting manager for the Eastern sales team from Jamal to John as well as changing the workflow configurations. This is called a “good practice”.
  • But if the sales director initiates an authorization request directly over the system to replace Jamal with John within the limited period, the system will complete the handling process, and this is exactly can be defined as a “Best practice”.

Fast process with minimum human interaction. Search for a flexible ERP system which perfectly engaged with your needs.


Mustafa Abushuhada

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