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By having unique retail solution, you will have more loyal customers .

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Retailers's risks

In retail field Retailers take the risk of slowing down their operations and missing critical data that could help them grow their business faster. Having unsatisfied customers, the merchandise aren’t always on shelves are examples of inevitable consequences if not catching the digital transformation waves.

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Your future customers not only prefer to shop online but will desperately need it.

Retail business nowadays is facing great challenges encountered by the Corona pandemic changing attitude of consumers in addition to the lockdown announced by most of the countries worldwide. The ‘digital transformation’ in retail is the process of creating new or modifying the existing process to meet these world changes in different strategies, such as e-commerce or click-and-collect. Retail technology platform refers to create a new and innovative business models that serves the wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer ,supplier, reseller and retailer in managing the cycle of purchasing.

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Less Mistakes Higher Revenue

Working with global retailers ,Triosuite has developed a unique Retail technology utilizing the revolutionary capacities of Triosuite platform which enables our happy retail customers to provide effective and satisfied digital experience to their consumers. On the other hand ,increase revenues and drive down costs .

Triosuite vision stands behind its retail technology concept; you can find all your requirements in one place ,fully customized ,fully integrated and fully satisfied. TrioERP is the core system that manages all the process required by your work .For example full Supply chain and warehouse management, HR, Finance Inventory, Sales and procurement ,etc…..

TrioERP –using a powerful APIs- is synced with multiple systems like

  • Point of sale (POS).
  • B2B
  • Cash van
  • E-commerce

Nowadays, customers enjoy shopping both online and in store, keeping this in mind Triosuite has developed a fully integrated retail technology platform that covers all the processes needed . with its e-commerce platform the customers will go through user friendly interface that is customized to his location ,preference and recent search history .There is a broad selection of secure online payment methods and for the retailer this platform will a valuable data for analyzing purpose to improve the growth of business. Via TrioCashVan application your delivery process is well controlled, customers order will be delivered on time .Quotation, order, invoices and receipt will be monitored .Loading of the merchandise and closing the invoice also could be controlled .Your sales team visits logs can be documented .All these services can be installed simply on your mobile both on android as well as IOS .

On the other hand, you can’t ignore Business to business process, in Trio platform B2B process and orders are processed digitally via transaction which is fully integrated with all other components of the retail technology. Trio B2B platform is capable of displaying your products through online catalogue and so you can get more customers. If the customer still want to purchase in store ,Triosuite provides its POS “point of sale” application on prime and through the web and mobile ,fully integrated with the whole retail technology ,offering flexible payment method and a lot others features .

Thanks to Triosuite platform ,the whole process in retail technology is supported through fully integrate ERP with multiple applications “e-commerce, cash van,B2B and POS “, all in one package . Retailers ,if don’t think about a full digital transformation in their business “fully integrated retail technology platform” ,then they will face a lot of inevitable consequences ;slowing down their operations , missing valuable feedback that could help them grow their business faster ,the merchandise aren’t always on shelves which leads to unsatisfied customers are just example

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